Barbecue Pork Pasta

What's for Dinner Moms?

So day three of eating pork. We had pork butt (click for link to recipe), Caramelized Pork (click for link to recipe) and now Barbecue Pork Pasta.  The nice thing was that no one complained because the dishes were so different that they didn’t feel like they were eating pork every day. And, I still have enough leftovers to freeze for another small dish like Pork Fried Rice another week.


Having the pork cooked in advance made this dinner super easy to bring together.  If your family likes pulled pork and barbecue sauce they will love this super simple pasta dish. We love sauce so we use plenty of barbecue sauce to make it saucy but you can cut back if you like.

We served this dish with green beans and a green side salad.

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