Upside-Down Rosemary-and-Olive-Oil-Chip-Crusted Quiche

The Bitter Baker

A mouthful of a title if there ever was one. Honestly this could also just be called “Fancy-Chip-Crusted Upside-down Quiche” – but I suppose even then it’s still fuckin’ long. 🤷‍♀️ This recipe came to be because on my quest to find low-sodium chips I could gobble down without worrying about the salt, I bought a bunch of different Off the Eaten Path ™️ chips (not sponsored but hey – HMU 👌😉👍). Two of the three I’d already tried and very much liked, but I also wanted to go off the beaten path (or should I say – EATEN hahaha) and try a new flavor I’d spotted at my local grocery store: Rosemary and Olive Oil Hummus Chips. I then discovered, after a single chip, that I very much do not like rosemary.

The usual not wanting to waste food yada-yada-yada and the fact I was visiting a friend…

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