Turkey Pie Friday

How I Cook — by Graham Stewart

739A4470-28C0-48EB-B837-BA7AF7ABFE20A625AF97-6D92-4D06-A77E-40380A552079The last of our little Easter turkey is being turned into turkey pie. As usual this is a joint thing my wife and I make. My job is getting everything cut up for the filling. Usually I cook the filling but today my wife wants that job. Turkey pie is a favourite meal for me. There are 2 reasons I like it so much, first is I really like turkey. The main and most important reason I like it so much is I get to eat my wife’s pastry. I can’t say it enough, my wife makes the best pastry I have ever eaten. Honestly I could just eat a large piece of it cooked by itself with some gravy. Have had pastry in some very good restaurants, my wife’s pastry is a 100 times better. If I made the pastry for our turkey pie it would likely end up…

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