Chocolate Chunk, Walnut and Cinnamon Cookies

Sunshine and Savory


Yesterday morning when we woke up, Dennis said to me “I’m really looking forward to having some of the cookies you’re going to make me today.” I replied with “I’m making you cookies today?” But, actually, I was really planning on making Dennis cookies, only I hadn’t told him. I wanted to try and make a chocolate chip cookie of some sort with cinnamon in it, but hadn’t mentioned to Dennis that I was going to be making them on Monday. I guess that’s one reason we’re so good together. A lot of times, we’ll be thinking the exact same thing. It’s crazy. Maybe it’s because we’ve been together for about a million years … even though it still feels like only a few years have gone by. We started dating after my junior year in high school and have been married almost 33 years.

The cookies I made yesterday…

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