Easy and Healthy Summer Meal Prep with Mung Beans and Chicken Meat

I didn’t want to click through to a single chicken recipe, because I thought all three looked pretty good, filling and tasty.

FUSION FLAVOUR enriched with Logic: Easy & Healthy Recipes of Delicious Food

An easy summer meal recipe which does not compromise on health and taste: 

Summer season is the time of the year, one resist spending too much time in the kitchen as the heat generated during cooking food is often unbearable – this situation calls for easy recipes which requires less time and effort; this summer meal prep is built using the concept of ‘ease’ and has all the important elements for a nutritious meal.

In this summer meal prep, the flavorful veg whole mung beans curry or soup is for saucing the rice or  bread; mung beans is considered a summer food for its cooling property. For preparing mung beans curry/soup, the dried green mung beans is soaked  in water for approximate 24 hours to sprout – mung beans are good source of vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber and sprouted mung beans contain fewer calories to have more antioxidants and amino…

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