30+ Easy Canned Pumpkin Recipes – Sweet & Savory Foods with Canned Pumpkin

August could be the time of year when you think pumpkins, I’ve never really thought of finding a pumpkin patch out & about in the countryside this early, but it would be nice anyway if you could walk around summer walks in August wearing a t-shirt that says, “Support Your Local Pumpkin Patch.”

For me, with or without Linus VanPelt to herald the occasion, summer can’t end soon enough! So it might be a delightful crusade to go out on driving rides crusading for an early pumpkin patch sign. I still wonder if that could be successful. But, in a few more weeks from now, I suppose grocery stores will win the advantage over ordinary crusaders & signal “game on” with the yearly advent of seasonal year pumpkin sales.

I’m sad to say I don’t know a lot about pumpkins as a vegetable. I wish I did. I grew up thinking of them as a fun decoration & then was recruited to the ordinary gourmets’ point of view, knowing too many of those kinds of people in the past years (gourmets), that pumpkins are a delicious food. And they are! It’s always a special event & treat, wouldn’t you agree? to discover pumpkin tastes in every kind of food you could add pumpkins to.

Then again, these recipes are all made with canned pumpkins. So I should wax less poetic until I find fresh pumpkin recipes to post.

Fair enough, I will.

31 Best Canned Pumpkin Recipes | Delish