Vitello Tonnato Recipe – Veal Slices with Tuna and Caper Sauce

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Vitello Tonnato first began appearing in cook books in the 19th century because Piedmont was allied with Liguria where tuna was canned along the coast.

At this time, also, lemons and capers from Sicily and a variety of olive oils from the rest of Italy started to arrive in Piedmont and the tonnato sauce was born because the tuna was simply another ingredient in this sauce.

With the Piedmontese love of very young meat, like the veal, this dish was just waiting to happen. This is great for entertaining because the sauce can be made a day in advance and the meat can simply be popped in the oven when you get home.

Vitello Tonnato ? Veal With Tuna Sauce and Capers

This is one of the most famous Italian antipasto platter, sometimes served as a more filling course.

Ingredients for the Veal

  • 1.25 kg piece boneless veal topside
  • 1…

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