Jin Jin Shanghai Market, Minneapolis

I wanted to post another because posts like this from places without defined pages are also big on my FB page. I almost got it to post through on FB but in the end it denied my the completion. So, better.

Anyway, this looks like a great market for anything you can’t otherwise find. That’s what it’s there for, but it’s worth the mention. I grew up around Italian grocery stores besides the conventional grocery stores and for some reason now, I just want to begin to frequent Asian Markets. I think it’s more of a very mainstreamed trend now, or I might be wrong because of all the ethnicity that never gets attributed to me. Italians are ethnic-non-ethnic. I am so sick and tired of the stigmata of the new age Italian in America, between the authentic Italian opinion and the authentic American opinion and everything else that is. I have always, always, been sandwiched in with other ethnic groups — more so than other white kids usually see; or maybe that’s wrong to say. But I enjoy all the diversity, I really do. And that is because Italians are extremely ethnic to the continent here. We’re diverse people in Europe, seriously, because there’s so much eastern in us and that seems to be a fallacy to everyone else. And I decided that I was also ethnic bound as I was growing up and to keep it to myself because I felt so many things were under discrimination to me and that I guessed, no one really understood that. But, I’ve lived an extremely ethnic centered life and it is has been filled with horribly indecent misinterpretations about well too many things. I like plurality and diversity; I always say that but I hate being separated by the mainstream of Americans who are hurting over diversification and plurality as it becomes a greater issue in globalization. I think the entire universe is becoming extremely American ethnic though. I have this feeling that American is the outside world ethnic. I don’t know what Canadian is. Australian I leave out because they are extremely ethnic oriented in their global diversity choices especially being where they are. But. I think there’s probably more tolerance in China of other people than in the US of other people and yet we’re the melting pot. I think I’m an ethnic American. But anyway, this is all apologia for saying that what I didn’t finish saying — that I’m not sure, but I’m believing that people are becoming more ethnic grocery oriented in the mainstream. That the usual and conventional grocery shop isn’t comprehensive to the full needs of people’s kitchens generally. Only recently I’ve learned not to have other groceries to look for and it’s strange to me. It really is. I’m always happy when I hear about people going to foreign markets and also farmer’s markets, that’s diversity still I think and very global. Farmer’s Markets are pretty much universal, even though, they can be very ethnicized (that’s not a word, I know). But Italians aren’t ethnic, no not at all. (I’m lying. I’ve lived a lifetime doing that.)

And I just think I prefer when I return to using a foreign grocery again that I’m choosing the Asian Market, which has been a growing business in the US — I’ve been watching it over the years, always hoping it will grow instead of diminish and it has been. Italian Markets are almost in every city you want to find them. Greek and Polish Markets much harder to find and other markets as well. But Mexican Markets are picking up steam. I will say, I’m actually not at all fluent in a market like that. You would think I would be, but I find myself very foreign to it. My boyfriend/fiance, Ralph — FB already knows him — I think has a fluency with many foreign groceries, but me, not so much. It’s not ethno-centric. No it’s not really, but it’s very similar, and I think that’s what’s confusing.


Monastaries in Minnesota


If this has to be a FB post replication site, then I have to have it work the same. So this is rather an inappropriate post for a blog I think, but I’m also being a stuffed shirt about it, so please forgive me while I lay out my comfortable throw furniture and things and get comfy in my own sloppy den here like I have over on my FB page. (Yes I saw the #facebookisdown on twitter.)

So let me post what I would have on FB.

Even in theology you have to have 3 languages under your belt and two of them ancient in order to go on. This is just. I am just. There is just…. There are no words to follow after just. How sad for me.

Anyway, this is right outside of St. Cloud. When I fell into Milwaukee, I was determined to do two things (I’m SURE I told this story before) — to return back to ballet lessons at the company school (during the open hours — I’m worse than a beginner) on National Ave. and to (three things) reclaim my back balcony symphony seat at the Marcus (moved from Orchestra Hall (CSO)) and to apply for a theological seminary course to find out if I made a mistake in not going to ministry earlier on in life. (They have them online, yes.) And none of that worked out for me. It was kind of embarrassing. But a lot of other things did and they weren’t embarrassing. I think, if I’m not mistaken, this place takes women. Neat! Who speak 3 foreign languages, two ancient.

A House in Edina, MN by Trulia


Okay, so this is what it might look like. I don’t think it works out right for some reason. It’s different on FB. (I have my posts here posting on Twitter, but I haven’t checked if that’s happening and also on Tumbler. I can add them to FB, but not today. We’ll see how that goes. I think there might be a widget to post FB to this blog. I’m not sure I want that.)

A runaway house. I said I would never move to Edina for some reason. And now I can’t remember why. I had a reason. It was a funny one too and I can’t remember it. I can’t. I don’t know why and it’s funnier to me that I can’t remember it. At a certain point when I was reviewing houses out in Minneapolis I got tired of Curve and Long Lake (I forgot the actual name of the very expensive streets — you know, like Sheridan and Green Bay and all those prestigious names and LSD and all; and then also Edina. So then I quit looking at real estate in MN. It was just a thing. I can’t say it. I think I just went a little mad. But I can just hear Ralph on some golf course sometime (I still believe he is lying to me about not liking golf, but that’s a good thing … “the kids already WENT to Interlaken,” he’ll be saying to someone. I heard that in my ears when I looked at the map. I’m not too fond of sending them there if that’s where it even is, unless that’s in Michigan. Oh! It’s in Michigan. I am truly mad. But I don’t seem to care for some reason and that’s what is making me mad, so it’s a vicious circle problem. But it’s a runaway house, because I will wonder where he is and he will be relaxing in his hot tub and in the basement pool. Oh I love this dream. Okay, enough of this post then. I’m sticking to it. If it has to be a replication of my FB site for reasons that I need it to be, then this is really it. Okay. Not too happy about this.

But ya, what a beautiful house in Edina. (I’m going to look up Interlaken. It’s Interlochen and it’s in Michigan and I’ve seen it. And for some reason, no one can believe that I am this thick headed, I always forget and think that it is a private K-12 in Minneapolis and it’s not, right. Sorry. Memories of another fiction.)

Cooking with Pesto by Epicurioius


I haven’t got anything to say. I mean, I ran out of things to say. I’m unhappy with this system, but I just posted on Twitter (and for my check-in) that, if I can’t check in with FB for some reason, I will either check-in with Twitter or check-in in the CPR site (which stands for Crackling Pork Rinds site, but how many words can you type on Twitter, not a lot); and so definitely that way, I will be able to continue my checking in.

I’m rather disappointed, because if I wanted the site to look more authentic, I’d have to use WordXpress (the Chrome extension I’m using to post automatically to WordPress) like a regular post machine, instead of having to go back into my settings and reset the post to look normal; which, I can assure, I don’t have the time to do, which I was complaining about earlier today.

But I’m trying to give the idea that this is a rather improper blog in the sense that it is not trying to seem inviting to any extent but that it is unhappy with itself like my FB page is and therefore, very self-centered about getting it’s posts completed and nothing more of interest except maybe the post itself.

In this sense, then I’ve accomplished the goal. I hope to get back to FB. (I also hope this posts. Not all things that I attempt to post through WordXpress will post through.)

Blaze Pizza Menu


Well since I like to post menus on my FB page, I thought I would try to do that, but unfortunately, the situation is as difficult as it always has been. I like to zip through these posts usually and this is taking up too much time.

But this is a great menu of course, why not have it on my blog page.

Winter Weeknight Dinners from Food Network


I’m trying something different since FB is sometimes faulty for all that I’m working with it so much. So this will be a never-ending, never-quitting post about not much of anything but nothing of the kind of thing (and just like this mind you; and yes, I know exactly how I spend my days hacking away posts to FB because I do that), just like I do in FB. And the reason for this is because, I can’t seem to get back control of my FB page, since I made a fatal flaw on it early at the beginning of this year of blocking things, which were fruitful to the side of their blocking but also then blocking some of my own usage, which is to say my usage.

Well this is a very typical post for my FB page and my FB is very much like a blog except that it has no archives. And I post about all about food and houses and things and things and conversations that I have — with myself it seems, but are actually about conversations and reports of these nepharious, hear-say conversations, which more than usually turn out to be true. So, so there. And then also, because I like to just write my thoughts and maybe someone will read them and they often do and so on and so forth.

But my FB page is getting glutted and even though I am grateful for all the fun and happy years I’ve had on FB, (they are down for maintenance today yes)…. Well I have to make this like a really true FB entry, because if it doesn’t post, then, there’s no point.

And then, I will just invite everyone who knows me on FB to try this page instead or as well.

And so that’s my explanation. I don’t have any other, because, there’s no other place i can put a “as-like-Facebook-page” together except on a flowing blog.

So I’m trying it. And Crackling Pork Rinds is for a business site that will probably never take off but in that case, I will get a regular domain name. And I might.