13 Bean Soup | Eat Simple Food

I found these recipes in my email today just like this.

Thought it was all too cool not to put together as is.

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13 Bean Soup | Eat Simple Food



Easy Short Ribs



Indian Curry Chicken



Tofu Coconut Curry



1940 Bel Air Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90077 | MLS# 18-397170 | Redfin

A dream kitchen in California. How many dream kitchens in California can there be? Can there be an infinite number of dream kitchens in California. Science says no of course, because California lives in temporal time, however, by rating available space to kitchens, they might all be dream kitchens. The truth will probably never be known. But this is also a fantasy kitchen because it is a fantasy house, because it is in California and that is a land of fantasy. (I haven’t got a clue what I’m trying to say. That is my apology for featuring such an expensive house on my humble blog.)


1940 Bel Air Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90077 | MLS# 18-397170 | Redfin

2501 Alta Vista Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92660 – realtor.com®

Could you call this an ultra-modern revival of a modern 1950’s design? I’m not sure. Or would you call it a modern revival of a ultra-contemporary 1950’s futuristic design? We’ve finally made it to the future and we’re already into the ultra-standard whichever way you choose to look at it. There must be something more true than the other, but which is which? The 1950’s ultra modern or the now ultra modern? I just don’t know. Whatever it’s a modern revival of a modern original. Just beautiful and beautiful execution of the modern principles and methods of design.


2501 Alta Vista Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92660 – realtor.com®

Teriyaki Salmon with Broccoli and Carrots


Easy salmon teriyaki using left-over ingredients.


Total time: 40 minutes

Serving: 2


200 g               Salmon

¼ cup               Teriyaki sauce (my last left-over sauce, if you don’t have it, don’t worry, you can make teriyaki sauce with the mixed sauce below)

2                      garlic, sliced

2                      garlic, chopped

2 cm                ginger, thin sliced

1                      broccoli

1                      carrots

½ cup               water

Mixed sauce for the Salmon/vegetables

2 tbsp              soy sauce

2 tbsp              mirin

2 tbsp              sugar

2 tbsp              sake



  • Marinate salmon (skin up), teriyaki sauce, chopped garlic, and chopped ginger for about 15 minutesDSC01924.JPG
  • Pre-heat a cooking pan on medium high with vegetable oil. Once it’s heated, place the salmon…

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fish fry – Quick Indian Recipes – Easy, Healthy & Delicious

(Link at bottom.)

Golden Fried Anchovies in Spicy Ginger Sauce

Mackarel Fish in Umami Flavor

Stingray Fish Fry

Cumin (Flavored, Fried) Sole Fish

Silver Pomfret Fish Frey

Garfish Fry

Sambhar Fish  Curry

Bombay Duck Fish Fry

Easy, Delicious Golden Fried Anchovies

Pink Perch Fried Fish

Delicious Fried Sole Fish

Fried Eel

Fried Silver Pomfret

Pink Perch Fish Fry


fish fry – Quick Indian Recipes – Easy, Healthy & Delicious

Delicious White Radish Salad – Side Dish Recipe

FUSION FLAVOUR enriched with Logic: Easy & Healthy Recipes of Delicious Food

Side dish refers to a smaller portion of food item that accompanies the main course at a meal.

In this side dish recipe of delicious white radish salad, I have merged radish slices with coconut meat: radish is a good source of dietary fiber,  it has moderate amount of vitamin C with other essential nutrients in low content; coconut meat supplies micronutrients in significant content.

(Source of Information: Wikipedia)

Side Dish Recipe of Delicious White Radish Salad:

Delicious Radish Salad - Side Dish Recipe in masalahealth.comDelicious Radish Salad – Side Dish Recipe in masalahealth.com

Quantity: 5 slender long white radish (daikon/winter radish)

  • Add ¼ tsp. of mustard seeds in warm, adequate quantity of rice bran oil (or any other mild-flavour vegetable oil), when the seeds begin to crackle blend the mixture with finely sliced pieces of white radish followed by generous handful of fresh coconut meat mince; smidgen the mix with salt – according to preference of flavour, add the mix…

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