Cooking with Pesto by Epicurioius

I haven’t got anything to say. I mean, I ran out of things to say. I’m unhappy with this system, but I just posted on Twitter (and for my check-in) that, if I can’t check in with FB for some reason, I will either check-in with Twitter or check-in in the CPR site (which stands for Crackling Pork Rinds site, but how many words can you type on Twitter, not a lot); and so definitely that way, I will be able to continue my checking in.

I’m rather disappointed, because if I wanted the site to look more authentic, I’d have to use WordXpress (the Chrome extension I’m using to post automatically to WordPress) like a regular post machine, instead of having to go back into my settings and reset the post to look normal; which, I can assure, I don’t have the time to do, which I was complaining about earlier today.

But I’m trying to give the idea that this is a rather improper blog in the sense that it is not trying to seem inviting to any extent but that it is unhappy with itself like my FB page is and therefore, very self-centered about getting it’s posts completed and nothing more of interest except maybe the post itself.

In this sense, then I’ve accomplished the goal. I hope to get back to FB. (I also hope this posts. Not all things that I attempt to post through WordXpress will post through.)

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