Jin Jin Shanghai Market, Minneapolis

I wanted to post another because posts like this from places without defined pages are also big on my FB page. I almost got it to post through on FB but in the end it denied my the completion. So, better.

Anyway, this looks like a great market for anything you can’t otherwise find. That’s what it’s there for, but it’s worth the mention. I grew up around Italian grocery stores besides the conventional grocery stores and for some reason now, I just want to begin to frequent Asian Markets. I think it’s more of a very mainstreamed trend now, or I might be wrong because of all the ethnicity that never gets attributed to me. Italians are ethnic-non-ethnic. I am so sick and tired of the stigmata of the new age Italian in America, between the authentic Italian opinion and the authentic American opinion and everything else that is. I have always, always, been sandwiched in with other ethnic groups — more so than other white kids usually see; or maybe that’s wrong to say. But I enjoy all the diversity, I really do. And that is because Italians are extremely ethnic to the continent here. We’re diverse people in Europe, seriously, because there’s so much eastern in us and that seems to be a fallacy to everyone else. And I decided that I was also ethnic bound as I was growing up and to keep it to myself because I felt so many things were under discrimination to me and that I guessed, no one really understood that. But, I’ve lived an extremely ethnic centered life and it is has been filled with horribly indecent misinterpretations about well too many things. I like plurality and diversity; I always say that but I hate being separated by the mainstream of Americans who are hurting over diversification and plurality as it becomes a greater issue in globalization. I think the entire universe is becoming extremely American ethnic though. I have this feeling that American is the outside world ethnic. I don’t know what Canadian is. Australian I leave out because they are extremely ethnic oriented in their global diversity choices especially being where they are. But. I think there’s probably more tolerance in China of other people than in the US of other people and yet we’re the melting pot. I think I’m an ethnic American. But anyway, this is all apologia for saying that what I didn’t finish saying — that I’m not sure, but I’m believing that people are becoming more ethnic grocery oriented in the mainstream. That the usual and conventional grocery shop isn’t comprehensive to the full needs of people’s kitchens generally. Only recently I’ve learned not to have other groceries to look for and it’s strange to me. It really is. I’m always happy when I hear about people going to foreign markets and also farmer’s markets, that’s diversity still I think and very global. Farmer’s Markets are pretty much universal, even though, they can be very ethnicized (that’s not a word, I know). But Italians aren’t ethnic, no not at all. (I’m lying. I’ve lived a lifetime doing that.)

And I just think I prefer when I return to using a foreign grocery again that I’m choosing the Asian Market, which has been a growing business in the US — I’ve been watching it over the years, always hoping it will grow instead of diminish and it has been. Italian Markets are almost in every city you want to find them. Greek and Polish Markets much harder to find and other markets as well. But Mexican Markets are picking up steam. I will say, I’m actually not at all fluent in a market like that. You would think I would be, but I find myself very foreign to it. My boyfriend/fiance, Ralph — FB already knows him — I think has a fluency with many foreign groceries, but me, not so much. It’s not ethno-centric. No it’s not really, but it’s very similar, and I think that’s what’s confusing.