A House in Edina, MN by Trulia


Okay, so this is what it might look like. I don’t think it works out right for some reason. It’s different on FB. (I have my posts here posting on Twitter, but I haven’t checked if that’s happening and also on Tumbler. I can add them to FB, but not today. We’ll see how that goes. I think there might be a widget to post FB to this blog. I’m not sure I want that.)

A runaway house. I said I would never move to Edina for some reason. And now I can’t remember why. I had a reason. It was a funny one too and I can’t remember it. I can’t. I don’t know why and it’s funnier to me that I can’t remember it. At a certain point when I was reviewing houses out in Minneapolis I got tired of Curve and Long Lake (I forgot the actual name of the very expensive streets — you know, like Sheridan and Green Bay and all those prestigious names and LSD and all; and then also Edina. So then I quit looking at real estate in MN. It was just a thing. I can’t say it. I think I just went a little mad. But I can just hear Ralph on some golf course sometime (I still believe he is lying to me about not liking golf, but that’s a good thing … “the kids already WENT to Interlaken,” he’ll be saying to someone. I heard that in my ears when I looked at the map. I’m not too fond of sending them there if that’s where it even is, unless that’s in Michigan. Oh! It’s in Michigan. I am truly mad. But I don’t seem to care for some reason and that’s what is making me mad, so it’s a vicious circle problem. But it’s a runaway house, because I will wonder where he is and he will be relaxing in his hot tub and in the basement pool. Oh I love this dream. Okay, enough of this post then. I’m sticking to it. If it has to be a replication of my FB site for reasons that I need it to be, then this is really it. Okay. Not too happy about this.

But ya, what a beautiful house in Edina. (I’m going to look up Interlaken. It’s Interlochen and it’s in Michigan and I’ve seen it. And for some reason, no one can believe that I am this thick headed, I always forget and think that it is a private K-12 in Minneapolis and it’s not, right. Sorry. Memories of another fiction.)

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