Roast Chicken Recipes for Every Night of the Week

Roast Chicken Recipes for Every Night of the Week


4801 Bywood St W, Edina, MN 55436 – 5 Bed, 7 Bath Single-Family Home – MLS #5144113 – 32 Photos | Trulia

Trulia ~ A beautiful house in Edina, MN

Source: 4801 Bywood St W, Edina, MN 55436 – 5 Bed, 7 Bath Single-Family Home – MLS #5144113 – 32 Photos | Trulia

Oh my God! Ralph will literally kill me if he sees where this is and hears Jaspers tell the story that I said “meh!” And also, I didn’t mean to the house I meant to the fact that it was on a Golf Course!!!! OMG, I just like getting myself into trouble. The house is definitely not meh and the area is more than not meh. I just, you know don’t think of Golf Courses too much. It is a country club, but I don’t play tennis, I only pretend to. I wish I did. Unless they have aerobics, zumba, fitness, station cycling, station hiking, mid-day half-priced movies or choir going on in there, I’m sort of shot for ideas. I’m not really pleasant company at a bar, I don’t drink besides Dr. Pepper; so I like country clubs of course, but, they aren’t my element. So I don’t think of them.

But this is definitely an FB carry-over story that won’t make much sense to new readers, but okay, I should tell it. I was going to begin this story with — “another beautiful house in Edina, MN” — instead I made that my picture caption. Then I looked at the map and Jaspers heard me say (“oh my Gawd! Ralph will kill me.” because before that, I explained to him the story I’m about to explain and him laughing, I thought I was done for.

So I have explained that I have sworn never to live in Edina or pretend to try to and this vow, I can’t even remember what it was about. It was not about any kind of animosity or prejudice. I was not. It wasn’t. I just got tired at a certain point in my life — of things — it’s hard to explain and when I saw Edina, I kind of saw a universal sort of Lake Forest (IL) and wanted to collapse. So I vowed not to ever live or try to live in Edina. To cut my fate short and also keep my sanity, because I think I might go insane if I did. I grew up in the southern region of Chicago’s North Shore — in the lesser parts (the “meh” parts, as I understand it) — of Evanston, IL and then when I was an adult, I moved to Waukegan, IL; and I found both of those locations quite cultured actually in community activities sort of like a large country club area of it’s own without a swimming pool (I also don’t swim or get into swimming pools).  And Lake Forest was always a soft spot in my life, but I forgot about it and moved on and looked out at all the other beautiful venues this country has to offer and suddenly when I was picking up the pieces of some broken things in my life over and over again — I kept my dreams in tact and kept my work in tact and kept myself in tact and tried to start over repeatedly and during that time, I found Edina, Minnesota. And I thought, “heh; everyone will think, when they hear me speak of this place and that I saw it finally, that,” (because I have a reputation for scaling up anything I possibly can in my dreams, I think no one on my FB pages will disagree), “I am a shotgun ride to Edina; well no.”

And from there, my story on it continued to collapse. I enjoy a good art scene furthermore and the Chicago art scene if extremely tough, for too many reasons, I won’t bother anyone with my opinions about now. But, it’s a sadly tough and rugged scene of too many kinds of on the chin attitudes and difficult passion plays of being in the Midwest and being alone and it’s probably true — but arts, I mean cultural arts. And looking out at Minneapolis, it is just a huge echo of the rugged and difficult life that scene is and I thought, “uh! no! I’m not throwing myself back into the passion play scenery.” I’m sorry if I’m offending anyone. I am speaking from the natural observer point of view and not really the artist, of course. So I ruled out Minneapolis and especially the Lake Forest of it, which is obviously Edina, though there are others. That was all.

Well I thought it was funny. And so did everyone else at one time. But I stood my ground. And I have intended to. I think it’s wisdom. I get extremely affected by the passions of economy blended with art in the city — generally — I hope this proves I’m an outsider; I speak in nothing but outsider themes and I’m the kind of outsider who never gets close in on the insider because I don’t know: I like a wide variety of cultural arts activities and so I prefer to remain on the boundary in order to do as I please.

Anyway, I was ranting on at Jaspers on this theme, after I said all that I did about this listing and not meaning anything in particular but the calloused glibness that I have become in aging and meaning nothing but another beautiful house in Edina, which I hope to be making the point by now. But seriously, suburbs like Edina and Lake Forest (IL) are getting so old and don’t you ever wonder what the future of old suburbs will be. That something important comes by and sweeps them away? I hope not. I don’t know what I’m getting at there either.

So I told him that — and this concerns that I have been working on a long, intricate move plan for over a year and I never get anywhere with it and this is also a FB story of mine that I can’t recover in a moment here. So I told Jaspers I mean, that again, what he already knew, that I would never move to Edina, in order to remind him of my stout resolve and he tried to swallow back the pain of the longterm but newer memory of this old discussion now, being reminded and then I suddenly was hit with a fit of inspiration, just after I had finished saying, “I promise again to say that I will keep the original promise and this is only because I think it’s best for everyone.” And split moment later, I thought, “what if?” What if Fate was so dorsal on my life right now that if I made a bargain with Fate (I bargain all the time with nefarious powers to make this long-coming move happen) to actually MOVE to Edina, MN and then, not so much promise to stay there forever, but to keep my location there dutifully and well forever or so long as forever needs to last — would I then be able to move?

And I think Jaspers was of the opinion that, it’s a possibility because of the dorsality of Fate’s attitude to me in my life right now. I can’t quit laughing. Okay, {‘m really done for the night maybe I think.

But I found the Press This Extension for Chrome Browser and this is a much better way to post.

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