Deviled Eggs: Balsamic Bacon

Of Goats and Greens

Contains:  Eggs.  Is: Paleo, Whole 30 (depending on bacon source).  

Recently (well, back in late July), for a picnic, I made deviled eggs.  Hard-cooked 18 of them (the hens out back have been prolific), and brought three different recipes to the event.  One was Mom’s original one; another was found on, a post by Morning Glory there; and the third was just considered from wanting a bacon deviled egg – which was originally supposed to be with the avocado I forgot to buy, then was going to be done with horseradish sauce (which I’d neglected to return to the fridge overnight on a really HOT night), and so I settled on balsamic reduction as my primary/base seasoning (other than the bacon).

deviled eggs, recipe, baconDeviled Eggs with Bacon & Balsamic Reduction

My bacon was sourced at a farmstand in Connecticut, the scallion in the recipe came from the Otis…

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