Bacon Cheddar Loaded Cheeseburger by Tasty

Bacon Cheddar Loaded Cheeseburger

(This is also the new burger at Funked Up Fries. Claiming they only serve fries, sides & appetizers, would you suppose it’s false advertising to include burgers, which are an entree? Many people have wondered, but technically, the restaurant is licensed to serve closed list, advertised product outside of its main list ad media deli wet of a commercial script. It might be bad advertising, leading to complaints by customers who would have changed their dining plans had they known about the small entree fare, but it isn’t illegal. We asked Funked Up Fries why they chose this method of advertising, and they said, because it is a way to maintain their original identity & that their customers should be really to read the entire 1 page up to date ads which introduce the entree fare. Funked Up Fries has no intention of changing its name or original menu, its regular media ads, as an Apps Store, no pun intended, also for complaints received — or to change it’s mascot & motto, which are a saxophone tutting the tune in words, “never a dull moment”, which is so open ended, it’s difficult to fathom the company’s success.)

I love making up stories!