The Real Winner? These 20-Minute (Or Less!) Chicken Dinners

Chicken & Pasta in Peanut Sauce

The Real Winner? These 20-Minute (Or Less!) Chicken Dinners


Pan fried Sea bass, wild rice, griddled Pak Choi & curry sauce

The Hungry Chef

Yes that’s right curry sauce. Your probably thinking, Ryan really… Well yes I haven’t lost my mind.Firstly welcome back to the hungry chef it’s been a busy month for myself, I’ve been rather busy cooking, blogging & organising and I just wanted to share this dish with you, which is my take on a refined fish curry. Some will say it isn’t refined, it’s pretty hard to refine something that doesn’t need refining, have you ever tried plating a curry?..You get my point. Anyway let’s begin. For this curry you’ll need


  • 2 sea bass – from whole. ( challenge yourself and prep the fish from whole) if not 2 fillets will do
  • 500g wild rice
  • 1 small can coconut milk
  • 2 star anise
  • 4 tbsp turmeric
  • 1 stick lemon grass
  • 1 small nob of ginger
  • 2 pieces of garlic
  • 1 whole onion – fine dice
  • 1 red chilli
  • 1…

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Homemade turmeric buns with parma ham, Avocardo, heritage tomatoes & cos lettuce.

The Hungry Chef

Welcome back to the hungry chef, today we wanted to share some more bread with you and other the coming weeks share a lot more with you. Which takes us to these Tumeric buns…

Bread, I love bread you get a real sense of pride from making your own bread, from dough to finished product I personally think there is no better feeling, on the Weekend I was preparing a simple lunch for me and my partner and wanted to share with you these bright and simple buns. Doesn’t take long around 1 hour proving, 10 minutes shaping with another 30 minute prove again…

So let’s begin.. For the Tumeric buns you will need

  • 500g white bread flour
  • 7g of fresh yeast
  • 300ml lukewarm water
  • 10g salt
  • 4 heaped Tbsp of Tumeric

Comine the flour, Tumeric & salt together

add the yeast to the lukewarm water until it becomes foamy.

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Taco night,Avocardo & rump steak tacos with chimichurri sauce.

The Hungry Chef

The summer is finally here and if you’ve been enjoying the weather like we have here in the U.K then you may want to have an awesome snack before your night out. Or even have a taco night in..

Hence the avocardo & rump steak tacos. Quick and easy and very tasty with a delicious avocardo chimichurri sauce to go with it

Chimichurri means ” a mix of ingredients in no particular order” the ingredients vary depending on where you are in the world but the result is the same. You can get different colours of chimichurri but can the end result is a delicious green sauce.

Rump steak is a favourite of mine so I chose to use it for these tacos. I wasn’t a keen lover of avocardo I thought it was a plain and boring ingredients and didn’t see the hype about it. But after I made…

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