Classic Chicken Pot Pie Recipe –

I think this might be a repost, but I didn’t want to make the mistake in reverse, not to post it if it wasn’t. I know I have posted chicken pot pies before.

Generally, I like to post the same kinds of dishes and recipes, presented by different websites, because I think the diversity is important in just even the dish itself.


Classic Chicken Pot Pie Recipe –

Watch “Pesto: original recipe by Italian Michelin chef” on YouTube

Just had to add this tonight.

People are always looking for Pesto alla Genovese (being pesto as it’s made in the north Genoa Province of Italy), which is a light tasting almost buttery sweet, garlicky thick, heavy basil & oil infused pesto which remains highly aromatic in its components throughout all its uses ever after creation. But overall, the impression is lightness, despite its detailed instruction in heavy primary substances. Always an excellent sauce to have available in the recipe box.

So I had to include this, I just found it tonight. Tho my day has been full.