Listen To The World’s Oldest Known Secular Norse Song

All of this material is taken from Realm of History website and is not in any way mine or original to me.

Listen To The World’s Oldest Known Secular Norse Song



English Translation

I dreamed a dream last night
of silk and fair furs,
of a pillow so deep and soft,
a peace with no disturbance.

And in the dream I saw
as though through a dirty window
the whole ill-fated human race,
a different fear upon each face.

The number of their worries grow
and with them the number of their solutions —
but the answer is often a heavier burden,
even when the question hurts to bear.

As I was able to sleep just as well,
I thought that would be best —
to rest myself here on fine fur,
and forget everyone else.

Peace, if it is to be found, is where
one is furthest from the human noise —
and walling oneself around, can have a dream
of silk and fine furs.