The Boston Turkish Festival’s Documentary & Short Film Competition | Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

The Announcement (movie)

The Boston Turkish Festival’s Documentary & Short Film Competition | Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

“The MFA Film Program and the Turkish American Cultural Society of New England are proud to present a selection of short films and documentaries as part of the 24th Boston Turkish Festival’s Documentary & Short Film Competition. The first of its kind in North America, this competition, which celebrates its 14th year in 2019, has transformed into a tradition and received remarkable international attention. The competition opens with Mahmut Fazıl Coşkun’s feature film The Announcement, winner of Special Orizzonti Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival. Following the screening, don’t miss a Q and A with the director and reception in Taste with live music.

More than 30 films are screening at this year’s program. Screenings take place at the MFA on November 15, 16, 22, and 24, and at Boston University on November 18. In addition to jury selections—Best Documentary and Best Short Film—Audience Awards are announced. In this rare opportunity, Boston-area film enthusiasts can explore works by young filmmakers firsthand.”

Members of this year’s competition jury include:

Dr. Kurt Fendt, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Peter Keough, Film Critic, The Boston Globe
Carter Long, Katharine Stone White Curator of Film and Video, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Tickets: MFA members, seniors and students $10; general admission $13. Exception: Opening night $16; $20.

All films are in English or with English subtitles.


Best Pie Delivery: Bakeries That Ship Desserts Nationwide – Thrillist

Best Pie Delivery: Bakeries That Ship Desserts Nationwide – Thrillist
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Hah! Well here are some more pie delivery shops. Oh boy, it’s like everything I do today on this blog is fabulous, as in, it’s like a fable. So have a fabulous holiday whenever you celebrate it!!!! Now to then.


Homemade Pies Baked Fresh Daily – The Coffee Pot Bakery Cafe

Homemade Pies
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I guess I just feel like advertising a little today and since I’m not an advertiser per se, also to advertise something or somethings which can’t be bought easily … like pie in a store in a foreign state! There’s a lesson for all of us in this somewhere besides Utopian transfer transportation systems but I don’t know what it is. All the same, I like to advertise interesting places time to time where I can.


Farmstore | Specialty Foods & Gifts | Meadowbrook Orchards

Our year-round Farmstore offers fresh baked goods, fruit from our orchard, heat & serve entrees, flowers, gifts and local foods from Massachusetts.
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What a nice store. They don’t have any online or out of store location orders. But it was so glamorous in the old school tradition of authentic American, I had to feature the shop.

Seriously, in the future when you can use transportation of a kind that transfers you from one city to another & then a town to town faster than car or bus, I wonder what local stores and commerce will be like? A person in Seattle could make an appointment on order to pick up their pie in Boston on an ordinary schedule and basically so could anyone within a National in-visa’ed transfer zone. So that small store has a new commerce issue …. what will ever happen? Wow. Wouldn’t that be something to see?


1621 First Thanksgiving Cheesecake – My Food and Family

Did you know cheesecake was served at the first Thanksgiving?* That’s right, our research of real historical paintings of the First Thanksgiving prove that cheesecake (not pie!) is the original Thanksgiving dessert. So make your Thanksgiving dessert the original with our 1621 First Thanksgiving Cheesecake. It’s sure to disappear faster than pumpkin pie, pecan pie, or apple pie. Now figuring out a dessert to make this Thanksgiving is a piece of (cheese)cake! (*Well, maybe…)
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100+ Thanksgiving Pies – Homemade Pie For The Holidays —

Please be aware that today (Nov. 9, 2019) is PIE DAY. I just decided that this morning. So if you are looking for other recipes besides pies (though there might be a few pies there too, no promises either way), you have to visit BIA (Brut Imperial Antarctica) through my WordPress group. Please do although as of the morning/early afternoon I still might not have finished any link posts there.

R.I.P. store-bought pumpkin pie.
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