Top 5 Thanksgiving Recipes on “What’s for Dinner Mom’s?”

What's for Dinner Moms?

Halloween is over and it is now time to think about Thanksgiving! I love Thanksgiving and all the food. Even though we don’t celebrate with a traditional meal on Thanksgiving day (we travel for Mid-America Oireachtas, Irish dance regionals in Kentucky) we will be together eating appetizers somewhere enroute. It is about being together more than food for me (though my children think differently).

So, enjoy your family (actual or chosen) and do the things you love!

This has been a hit for years on my blog. Green Beans with Brown Butter and Sliced Almonds (or Toasted Pecans) (click for link to recipe) is delicious! It takes ordinary green beans to another level. You have to be super patient to make the brown butter but it is worth the extra time to make it. Prepare your beans ahead of time, have the sliced almonds ready to go and this is…

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Turkey Breast Recipe – Wine & Glue


Turkey Breast Recipe – Wine & Glue



Bel' Occhio


Chocolate dark as midnight.  Caramel sauce –  toffee-like  with just a suggestion of burnt sugar.    A superb marriage of flavours.   CHOCOLATE AND SALTED DULCE DE LECHE TART is a very indulgent and very very French dessert.   One sees it on the menu of discerning French restaurants.   One adores eating it.  But faced with the complex demands of making the perfect crust, the silky smooth chocolate filling and the smoky rich caramel sauce the perfect hostess pops into her favourite patisserie and picks up this tart.

This recipe takes the tears and pressure out of putting this dessert together and you can do it in about twenty minutes.  It is an uncomplicated recipe.

Chop up some roasted nuts, chocolate and oat digestive biscuits in the food processor.  Mix it with melted butter and press it into a loose-bottomed tart tin(a must).   The can of dulce de leche is opened…

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