An Idea for a Table with Bread and Vegetables

I’m pretty happy that my post here got a little bit of good to more than positive recognition, so since I realize it will get lost and imbedded in this blog, I thought I better feature it. I’m posting it topside visibly here — reprinted from BIA WordPress on Jan 19 originally — and, later in the week I will start a separate page for when, if ever again, I decide to post something original, what page will be called Originals.
Thank you!

Iguanodon & Chameleon


I rarely contribute to any of my own blogs in the sense of contributing anything that WANTS to be an original recipe. I will spare everyone reading here the long story of why and let it remain at that, as I’ve studied and learned that there are too many different kinds of foodie suggestion blogs and there doesn’t have to be a start or end to anyone’s story. So as for my own blog and story — I’m also da capo ala carte and a capella — that’s to say, from the beginning, do as you will and off the top of my head in any direction the wind blows so long as it’s about food and someone else has provided the recipe which I have chosen. But that policy also just goes for posts in general. (No one else is…

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