Grilled Chicken Avocado + Mango Salad – Ready in Minutes!

I’m not fond of fruit in my food anywhere and I’ve been proven wrong about that (except a sweet and sour recipe and some pineapple pizza); and I’ve been out-spoken about this on my Facebook page, that, I just can’t understand people who combine fruit with regular salt dishes or vice versa. Strangely, one child loves pineapple and another child loves mango and profess to love either anywhere in the meal. So I have had to change my ways a bit and open my heart to seeing that there are people who like fruit in their dishes. I don’t understand it, but okay. In which case, this should be very good.


Grilled Chicken Avocado + Mango Salad – Ready in Minutes!

Ramadan Iftar Salad Recipes |

Ramadan began May 5th and ends June 4th this year. Since the food for this holiday is always interesting and international, I thought I would re-publish what I have found in my email, this being interesting to me.

But I did a little research for the foreign terms in a couple of recipes, particularly the Dahi Phulki Salad. Just for general information, since, I didn’t know: phulki is also known as besan, which is also known as gram flour, which turns out to be chickpea flour. And papri, is sometimes spelled papdi and is a flour biscuit, usually referring to a thin crisp wheat biscuit, but it could also be a thin crisp white flour & oil biscuit. I couldn’t find more on it.

Finally, Iftar is the evening meal which breaks the daily Ramadan fast after the evening prayer. Muslims follow a lunar calendar for part of their religious devotion and in the month of Ramadan which changes annually in a counter-calendar rotation (as for instance, next year it will begin in April and last year it began in June and so on); I believe this might even date back to the Egyptian pagan custom of sun and moon worship, so it is an unbroken cultural as well as a religious tradition, in which, the prayers are no longer to pagan gods, but remain in respect of the ancient calendar traditions and customs. It is a religious fast month; the outside world tends not to know a great deal about the actual practice of the holiday, so I also will not pretend to know about it too well.


Ramadan Iftar Salad Recipes |