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I was searching for some other stuffed dishes of a kind — that’s my own secret — for my luncheonette idea — and I found a list of interesting stuffings and also some other stuffed vegetables and burgers. So, I thought not to waste were at least 12 or more usable stuffing recipes for year round and at least another 12 or more good recipes for year-round like this one and made this general post.

But when you get to the link page, you will see a list of recipes. To get to this, you have to click “load more” at the bottom of the page. It really only reloads once before repeating, so it’s not that many. Great stuffing ideas!

(Blue Cheese Stuffed Burgers)

Search Results – stuffed bread | MyRecipes – Recipes, Dinner Ideas and Menus

Our Best Blackberry Recipes – MyRecipes

I can’t tell anyone how much I like blackberries, because I don’t know anyone at all who likes blackberries as much as I do. I like all small berries, really, but everyone, EVERYONE, I know, loves, strawberries and blueberries and though I like blueberries, I am not that big on strawberries (I am always shorting my lists of that substance I know that I do that, it is on purpose and this is because I prefer other berries and no one likes those recipes).

But oops! I just told my story; oh well, I do that from time to time. This is one of those times.


Our Best Blackberry Recipes – MyRecipes

Instant Pot Indian Recipes – MyRecipes

This is a Meredith Company Magazine, of course. It just belongs to a magazine clearinghouse named Meredith and is set up in business to be another food magazine you can look to for several kinds of foodie ideas: that’s it, no more to it. The Editors run and direct its course and compilation. I like this place because in a world of celebrity everything, it is not featuring celebrities all the time. I mean, I also enjoy the work of endorsed celebrity chefs, chefs who have become celebrities, but it’s nice to know that there are professionals in the world who don’t all see that celebrity is the way to be.


Instant Pot Indian Recipes – MyRecipes

Easy Healthy Salad Recipes for Dinner | MyRecipes

No one could have any idea, how wonderful it would seem to me, that first of all, I was so humble to be a chef with a website like this one to merely call it that and secondly, to be a chef, period: in this world, regardless of whatever might happen in dreamlands and whatever other places we believe we’ve ever been to, besides our own stuck-in-it reality. In my reality, I’m not at all a chef, which is kind of sad, I would hope I would say, considering that, I have a pretty good handle on menus, at least sometimes and an excellent appreciate of culinary experiences of all kinds… for the most part. So yes, I could compliment myself on that.

But I appreciate the gestae that it could be my own website. If it was, I assure you, all of my life’s story would be different and I would presently be features on someplace on the internet with a cooking web show, having lived most of my life for the love of writing, hiking, ancient texts and histories, legends and also … what never happens here to be mentioned? Cooking. So I would so love to say, but no, I just couldn’t.

Thanks! This is from My Recipes! YAS!!!!!


Easy Healthy Salad Recipes for Dinner | MyRecipes

Anise Seed Borrachio Cookies Recipe –

When I was reviewing all the interesting vegan related tastes that are in today’s posts (and always, you know, that these posts I make are from around the web and not my own!), I thought how will anyone understand how I brought together the particular choice of vegetables to the end that I am suggesting a mutton (lamb) stew or curry to top it off besides the bread and vegetables? Or even just for the purpose of the diversity of the bread and vegetables? Italian, American, Indian and others, all today. This happens often in my recipe post pages. So I thought, should I talk about fennel or anise or coriander and the little I know about it and the fragrant seeds that you find in savory breads, meats and vegetables? And again I thought, not at all, because, I don’t know what to say about it. And probably there are too many other fragrances that I am taking out of the usage of sauces, with oils and vinegars, with gravies and herbs and flours and delicious conditions or conditioners or the lack of them. I didn’t know what to say. But Italian cuisine is rather particular with its use of changeable fragrant seeds, as peculiarly as any other foreign cuisine and I think that with the relevance of rather genericized Italian cooking in America and elsewhere (which I have to say, I am a huge fan of; no sarcasm), the fragrances and savoriness of what we otherwise think of as basil and oregano for the most part, is lost. So fennel and anise came to mind. Indian cooking uses this quite as frequently as we do. Remarkably, Indian cooking and Italian cooking ingredient wise, will often has a similar list of goods; somehow, it all ends up differently.


Anise Seed Borrachio Cookies Recipe –