45+ Quick and Easy Summer Recipes – Cooking Light

Many of the recipes on this list here are repetitive from the Mediterranean list just below this for today (05/19/19), from the same people at Cooking Light. But the extra recipes are just way too much to leave out of our long list of extravagantly savory recipes that combine a heavy use of vegetables with a few scant meats at feature here and there.


45+ Quick and Easy Summer Recipes – Cooking Light

Anise Seed Borrachio Cookies Recipe – Allrecipes.com

When I was reviewing all the interesting vegan related tastes that are in today’s posts (and always, you know, that these posts I make are from around the web and not my own!), I thought how will anyone understand how I brought together the particular choice of vegetables to the end that I am suggesting a mutton (lamb) stew or curry to top it off besides the bread and vegetables? Or even just for the purpose of the diversity of the bread and vegetables? Italian, American, Indian and others, all today. This happens often in my recipe post pages. So I thought, should I talk about fennel or anise or coriander and the little I know about it and the fragrant seeds that you find in savory breads, meats and vegetables? And again I thought, not at all, because, I don’t know what to say about it. And probably there are too many other fragrances that I am taking out of the usage of sauces, with oils and vinegars, with gravies and herbs and flours and delicious conditions or conditioners or the lack of them. I didn’t know what to say. But Italian cuisine is rather particular with its use of changeable fragrant seeds, as peculiarly as any other foreign cuisine and I think that with the relevance of rather genericized Italian cooking in America and elsewhere (which I have to say, I am a huge fan of; no sarcasm), the fragrances and savoriness of what we otherwise think of as basil and oregano for the most part, is lost. So fennel and anise came to mind. Indian cooking uses this quite as frequently as we do. Remarkably, Indian cooking and Italian cooking ingredient wise, will often has a similar list of goods; somehow, it all ends up differently.


Anise Seed Borrachio Cookies Recipe – Allrecipes.com

Roti (Indian Whole Wheat Flatbread) Recipe | SAVEUR

Short definition of Atta Flour

“Atta or chakki atta is a wholemeal wheat flour, originating from the Indian subcontinent, used to make flatbreads such as chapati, roti, naan, paratha and puri.

“It is the most widespread flour in the Indian subcontinent.”


Roti (Indian Whole Wheat Flatbread) Recipe | SAVEUR

A place to buy the actual Chapati or Atta Flour is here:

I Shop India (online market)


Takeout fake-out: Coconut-peanut udon noodle bowls – SheKnows

I googled Coconut Udon and I got so many good recipes, I kind of feel sorry for myself that it’s outside my domain of things I can eat. I’m surprised there aren’t too many Asian restaurants that offer this. It seems pretty ordinary from a simple search. So I am posting a few different Coconut Udon recipes from around the web and calling it a day.


Takeout fake-out: Coconut-peanut udon noodle bowls – SheKnows

Ramadan Iftar Recipes | Step by Step | Recipe52.com

And so, again from before, which is below this post: Iftar is the evening meal during ramadan, every evening made and served after the last evening prayers; and a few definition of terms that are archaic to English usage.

aloo = potatoes; tikka = meat cutlet; paratha = unleavened bread fried on a griddle; chapli = minced meat + spices; seekh = same as chapli but shaped in cylinders; shami = minced meat with ground chickpeas; keema = ground meat, stewed or curry fried with peas or potatoes


Ramadan Iftar Recipes | Step by Step | Recipe52.com