Recipe Macaroon and chocolate tart – Yellow Zafferano recipe

I know that Italian recipes calling for Icing Sugar means Confectioner’s Sugar, you can see it in the picture too. And, uhm, Amaretti Cookies are not really macaroons. You can see them in the edge of the left top corner of this picture. They are hard, edible cookies made with amaretto flavor (not liquor per se, just flavor) and you’d think they were stale they are so hard for cookies and kind of hollow in the airholed places in the commercial ones, but they aren’t — air-drying makes them that way and so they are perfectly fresh. You can taste them when they’re stale, they taste like they wanted to be mothballs almost.

I’m sort of sorry I didn’t see this recipe before Easter, it is really good with the rest of the chocolate and omelets and pizzas and everything.


Recipe Macaroon and chocolate tart – Yellow Zafferano recipe

Baked Lamb Recipe with Potatoes – The Yellow Saffron Recipe

(I don’t know that Juniper Berries are easy to find or easy to use in the US and other than the small rustic country of Italy, so I have included a short article about the difficulty of using Juniper Berries, here:

Juniper Berries Substitutes – Spiceography

This website sells Juniper Berries online if you HAVE to try them.

Myself I like to replace all things Italian and rustic with sweet pine nuts, called pinoli, but that’s kind of cheap show and might not work for everyone, it gives a real minty taste that I don’t otherwise care about.

Savory Spice Shop – find & buy Juniper Berries online!)

Baked Lamb Recipe with Potatoes – The Yellow Saffron Recipe

Salted Dove Recipe – The Yellow Saffron Recipe

An interesting variation on the sweet favorite.

(It’s fine to assume that whatever recipes you like to follow is your own path to choose — which is the spirit that I post my recipe re-posts and finds from around the internet. I just can’t let a good chance for somebody to find what they’re looking for in food get away, you know; but also, I seriously don’t believe in the fetish of the day being the it and all of a holiday; a holiday is all about meaning and message and commemorating the meaning and message by observing it fully for a day. However, you can take the meaning and message with you all during the year and so also remember the food that was good on it. Taking out peppermint bark in July is something I’ve seen, for instance, but I’m not meaning that per se. But for instance, I put in several Christmas chocolate recipes in for Easter because they were useful. So you know, make the bread, without the dove knowing about it, some other time. Right! Life is just a wonderful mystery even without knowing it sometimes!… I had a gripe about posting too much food. I suppose, I am not honoring posting less food.)


Salted Dove Recipe – The Yellow Saffron Recipe

Recipe Savory peas and robiola cake – Giallo Zafferano recipe

Robiola is an Italian soft-ripened cheese of the Stracchino family. It is from the Langhe region and made with varying proportions of cow’s, goat’s and sheep milk. One theory is that the cheese gets its name from the town of Robbio in the province of Pavia; another that the name comes from the word rubeole (ruddy) because of the color of the seasoned rind. (Wikipedia)



Recipe Savory peas and robiola cake – Giallo Zafferano recipe