50+ Easy Buffalo Chicken Recipes – How to Make Buffalo Chicken—Delish.com

I could not pass up the chance to post this collection of Buffalo Chicken Recipes. Buffalo Chicken is about my favorite kind of chicken, as simplistic as it is and I usually stifle my hopes of re-blogging every single Buffalo Chicken recipe I find on the internet to share; so I never really do, because I guess, it seems strange to people to be fixated on Buffalo Chicken without anymore explanation … (so I’m told; I’m not sure if it’s true; not wanting to make that horrible mistake, I thought not to post more Buffalo Chicken than not at all); but this list is just really great, especially the homemade Buffalo Chicken Pizza. Chicken Pizza is about as much of a hack topic as Buffalo Chicken I think and there are about 1000 ways to go wrong with it, so I thought, why not add 1000 + 1 by opinions and definitely post this list today.

So I did. I hope it helps to somebody’s pantry lists over time.

Homemade Buffalo Chicken Pizza

50+ Easy Buffalo Chicken Recipes – How to Make Buffalo Chicken—Delish.com

Heirloom Recipes That Take You Back – BettyCrocker.com

This group is a combination of sweet recipes and not sweet recipes. Also do not want to miss an excellent list. (The Betty Crocker Pot Pie should prove tried and true, but honestly, I think the Chicken Pot Pie recipe from Eat Simple Food, farther down my page today, is much more sustaining.

Beef Bourguignon for Two

Heirloom Recipes That Take You Back – BettyCrocker.com

Cooking with Pesto by Epicurioius


I haven’t got anything to say. I mean, I ran out of things to say. I’m unhappy with this system, but I just posted on Twitter (and for my check-in) that, if I can’t check in with FB for some reason, I will either check-in with Twitter or check-in in the CPR site (which stands for Crackling Pork Rinds site, but how many words can you type on Twitter, not a lot); and so definitely that way, I will be able to continue my checking in.

I’m rather disappointed, because if I wanted the site to look more authentic, I’d have to use WordXpress (the Chrome extension I’m using to post automatically to WordPress) like a regular post machine, instead of having to go back into my settings and reset the post to look normal; which, I can assure, I don’t have the time to do, which I was complaining about earlier today.

But I’m trying to give the idea that this is a rather improper blog in the sense that it is not trying to seem inviting to any extent but that it is unhappy with itself like my FB page is and therefore, very self-centered about getting it’s posts completed and nothing more of interest except maybe the post itself.

In this sense, then I’ve accomplished the goal. I hope to get back to FB. (I also hope this posts. Not all things that I attempt to post through WordXpress will post through.)

Winter Weeknight Dinners from Food Network


I’m trying something different since FB is sometimes faulty for all that I’m working with it so much. So this will be a never-ending, never-quitting post about not much of anything but nothing of the kind of thing (and just like this mind you; and yes, I know exactly how I spend my days hacking away posts to FB because I do that), just like I do in FB. And the reason for this is because, I can’t seem to get back control of my FB page, since I made a fatal flaw on it early at the beginning of this year of blocking things, which were fruitful to the side of their blocking but also then blocking some of my own usage, which is to say my usage.

Well this is a very typical post for my FB page and my FB is very much like a blog except that it has no archives. And I post about all about food and houses and things and things and conversations that I have — with myself it seems, but are actually about conversations and reports of these nepharious, hear-say conversations, which more than usually turn out to be true. So, so there. And then also, because I like to just write my thoughts and maybe someone will read them and they often do and so on and so forth.

But my FB page is getting glutted and even though I am grateful for all the fun and happy years I’ve had on FB, (they are down for maintenance today yes)…. Well I have to make this like a really true FB entry, because if it doesn’t post, then, there’s no point.

And then, I will just invite everyone who knows me on FB to try this page instead or as well.

And so that’s my explanation. I don’t have any other, because, there’s no other place i can put a “as-like-Facebook-page” together except on a flowing blog.

So I’m trying it. And Crackling Pork Rinds is for a business site that will probably never take off but in that case, I will get a regular domain name. And I might.