Old Fashioned Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake

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Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake

I remember my mother making this cake when I was a kid. She never put frosting on it (which was always my favorite part of the cake) because she said it was so rich anyways that it really didn’t need any. She would dust the top of the cake with a bit of powdered sugar but that was all. I remember the cake being really moist. It would almost melt in your mouth.

When I was asked what kind of cake I wanted for my birthday this cake popped into my head. I had to have it. Yes, my birthday was over the holiday weekend. Not a significant one, I still have a bit longer for that.


This wasn’t quite as good as my memories of it are but then again is anything? It was REALLY good though. It was moist, chocolaty and everything I wanted. The frosting was amazing…

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