Onion Garlic Chicken Thighs And Legs

How I Cook — by Graham Stewart

F18B82FE-0798-482F-A8D3-F809FB82B74EBone in skin on chicken thighs with legs attached if you like chicken are an inexpensive meal. Since I am not a big fan of chicken, other than really good fried chicken, I have to do a little more than just roast them. So for supper tonight I made what some would call a dry rub, but it’s just a few spices mix together. I think I have tried about a 100 different things to chicken to flavor it. This is just another one of the things I do to add a little different flavor to chicken. Since I roasted them with the skin on you need to heavily season them so that the seasoning so it penetrates the chicken.

I wanted something a little better than just a baked potato with so I made stuffed baked potatoes. They are a Jan. 16, 2019 post and are something I make…

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