Beak to Talon (do chickens have talons?)

10 Chickens to Maine

The cornerstone of this lifestyle is getting the most out of everything we do, and everything we use. Often, that also means we’re cooking with base ingredients we’ve made ourselves (like whole oat flour), and that tends to elevate the final product in pretty dramatic ways. It also means some extra effort, so sleeves up.

This is especially true for chicken, which is a culinary goldmine for end product, but also for extra ingredients. They’re one of the few animals we can regularly buy whole, and that means we have the opportunity to really make it worthwhile.

A whole chicken, depending on size, represents about a $5.00 to $6.00 investment. This guy was right in there, and I’m proud to say isn’t a garbage bird. It’s not a heritage breed or anything like that, but it is hormone and antibiotic free, and it hasn’t been processed or injected with…

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