Old Fashioned Banana Bread

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Old Fashioned Banana Bread

Growing up we had a few cookbooks. One which I remember clearly to this day is the 1972 Betty Crocker’s Cookbook. This is the cookbook that I learned to bake from. If we wanted cakes or cookies growing up we baked them from scratch. Whenever I mention this cookbook everyone says, “We had that too!” I don’t think kids today will have the memories of Mom’s cookbooks. It will be Mom’s Pinterest account they remember. I collect older cookbooks so my kids are very familiar with recipe cards and old-fashioned directions such as cream the butter and sugar together. I hope they love them some day as much as I do.

I make homemade Banana Bread from time to time but it usually has butter and more bananas than this recipe. As I was beating the banana bread it had the light flavor I remember from being a kid. So…

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