Sourdough Stuffed Blackened Salmon w/ Crawfish Mushroom Sauce

It is great to be back!

Today I decided to go big. So I got a beautiful salmon and decided to stuff it! Anytime I have wine in the cabinet and cream in the fridge (which is all the time). I know its time for a cream sauce. Bonus points if I have mushrooms that haven’t turned yet and crawfish tails in the freezer.

Now when I was a kid I actually preferred seafood way more than I do now. We had a Cajun restaurant we’d frequent often after swim practice that I absolutely adored. But I always got the same things either a shrimp po’boy or blackened mahi mahi with a cheesey crawfish sauce over dirty rice. If we’re being honest on the rare occasions I visit now, I still only select those two things. I don’t know, it something about a stress free, know what you’re gonna order…

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