Upside-Down Fruit Cake Recipe –

I’ve been hoping to find a fruit cake recipe that I liked this year. Every year I just happen to find one for some place to post, wherever I am posting; (CPR is not a year old). Since I only re-blog recipes, I have had several sites where I post through to.

But I love fruit cake and I understand I might be in a minority but I like to represent the things I love at the holidays, like everyone loves to put their best foot forward.

I have to admit, like I do every year some place, that I am sort of withdrawn from the winter holiday season for participating in direct groups of people anywhere. I have no real tragic situation going on, but circumstantially, I just found at some point that I could not endure the season materials. Everything about Christmas, Hannukah and basically this time of year — except the cold weather which I LOVE — is an allergy to me. Everyone around me has to be very careful for me and I avoid most everything everywhere except pictures. (It’s sad for other people, I guess, maybe, to think of someone like me, but I got over it while back…. No, artificial decorations are also a problem to me.)

For that matter, I have learned to enjoy other things. And honestly, strangely, they are the rejected and lesser used traditions — like fruit cake, poinsettia bushes, what else is there? There is very little this time of year that goes unused. Ethnic food, of course. (So I remember now, that I didn’t mention this problem.) Metal and glass ornaments and hangings instead of natural things. I tried to suggest to my group of people (I guess that’s my family; I’m trying to be vague about my family life because I am still suggesting myself as a single but seriously involved person who sometimes remembers children) — that we could get a large poinsettia bush and then lay around decorations and hangings of all kinds because they insist on feeling sorry for me and that I ban myself from Christmas rooms and have to have other places declared un-decorated to the holidays. (Everything holidays is off the list of things I can participate in. I hope I won’t loose everyone who visits me. But no, I can say in all honesty, this hasn’t been an entire life story, just recently over health issues.)

Anyway, I’ve found a fruit cake recipe that I think I love for my blog this year. And this to me is a wonderful holiday sign.

(I’m almost thinking I shouldn’t make this post, but on the other hand, I want to make this post for the future of my blog, so I will; please forgive me the strangeness of it.)


Upside-Down Fruit Cake Recipe –