Cheesy Spinach Bourekas

Bourekas are a family
favorite and not just because they are uber delicious, with all the flaky
layers of butter dough. It is because they are so easy to make. Truth be told, this
recipe is extremely easy and quick because the pasty puff is store brought. It
would take me hours if I prepared the pasty puff dough at home. It is possible
but just very time consuming. This was perfect quick filling meal after work on
a weekday night!

If you didn’t know, Bourekas
are a middle eastern pastry dish. They are generally savory and filled with
meats, cheese and or vegetables, with either a thin pasty or puff pastry crust.
This particular recipe is vegetarian, although it is not vegan since it goes
contain cheese and eggs. I have been trying to add more leafy greens to our
diet, so thought let’s make spinach Bourekas. After experimenting…

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