Bread Pakoda (Bread fritters)

Have you heard of Bread
Pakoda? Bread Pakoda is a very famous Indian street food that is served during teatime
and at times during breakfast. There is just something divine about potato stuffed
bread coated in chickpea flour and fried in hot oil! A bite into these
delicious Pakodas are sure going to make your day super special! They are
paired amazingly well with hot cup of tea! They are not the healthiest snack to
binge on, but they are definitely worth having them once a while.

Pakodas in general are always
a hit in my house! We love to indulge in fried stuff once in a while especially
when it rains. I guarantee every house hold has their own unique recipe when it
comes to making this recipe, however mine is very easy and simple to follow! I
hope you all get to try this delicious recipe and serve…

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