Morzello Recipe (Morzeddhu alla Catanzarisi) – Yellow Zafferano Recipe

Also one of my favorite dishes since early childhood, believe it or not. But it is. You must have a very strong stomach to stomach this dish … to this day I cannot understand how you would call it, a stew, a soup? A dish, is what it is. Our family just calls it tripe. This recipe (made by Italians), calls it soup. It is very thick, saucy, difficult and filled with the important meats that are usually refused to the ordinary table. But so it is an important dish and one that places you in with the indiginese of the land (like myself).

Well I can’t give the advice twice I guess, but I couldn’t dream of also leaving it out of an ethic holiday list for December as I have planned. Extremely ethnic, persons with the rare distinction in their belts of game meats and especially offal offering meats (that the grocery stores sell of course), will treasure to add this recipe to their lists.

So I have posted it. But otherwise, I predict, it could ruin your holidays.


Morzello Recipe (Morzeddhu alla Catanzarisi) – The Recipe of GialloZafferano