Sunday Sauce alla Scorsese | Cooking Italian

Sorry about this. This is the post that I made on my BIA WordPress blog (Brut Imperial Antarctica). And it was the reference for all the cheese today. I seem to have forgotten where I posted what today and have now apologized for my mistake on both sites.

This is what I said in the first place on BIA:

“I was looking for the baked cheese in this script. I thought that’s what it meant, but I don’t have the time right now to look at the videos. I just thought the script from their home movie was funny. I thought it was a real movie, I was wondering what it was? You know, a funny mob movie but that was sad because what was funny about it was that no one was funny except in themselves. Oh well, that’s what it’s not.

So I thought I would reblog this for whoever has more time. I need to find an Italian baked cheese recipe now. I will.”

(So that is to explain cheese today on CPR — 12/03/2019.)


Sunday Sauce alla Scorsese | Cooking Italian