Hand-cut pappardelle recipe | BBC Good Food

So let me get on with the pasta. This is a bit last minute. Everyone is rather surprised to learn that there won’t be any lasagna at the banquet lists. There won’t be. There’s no time. I guess I should have started months ago and kept it a secret for something like that. I really didn’t feel motivated to try this until mid-November. I’m impulsive, what can I say.

So for pasta adjuncts to the ricotta stuffed shells and manicotti which are already en-list and that I want to keep, I will be adding, a pasta bolognese, a pasta carbonara, a pasta puttanesca and a green basil pesto pasta. I haven’t decided if it’s all going to be in spaghetti or not. But also on this list is the beef pappardelle. I’m guessing that when I ask for advice, the advice will be — all in spaghetti. I am really trying to plate pasta dishes as a side to the consumption of the main meat with a the side fillers. So the pasta is almost bread and so I’m not trying to be too featuresque with it.

So far, this is the only recipe I have to dedicate to this ambition. This is just the recipe for the hand-made pappardelle. The actual beef pappardelle recipe is below this.


Hand-cut pappardelle recipe | BBC Good Food



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