Best Ham Recipes | Food & Wine

My general home situation, tells me that if I had to get this all together and thought I might make it true, even in a wild sense, I’d have to close up my decisions pretty soon. They’re giving me through the weekend to be on time and maybe through next week, to be okay with time.

So I have to step things up. I thought I’d have until the middle week of December about. So, that’s how far off my pragmatism is. Anyway.

So I need to put ham on our poultry menu. I want the ham to figure off the centerpiece with important intentions for sustaining all the serious side dish and appetizer offerings.

Since I’m thinking big, it’s no time to stop now, with so little time to make all the rest of the decisions for the menu close. So I’m choosing 5 of all the recipes on this list — whole hams being the target.

#3 — Honey-Bourbon Glazed Ham

#4 — Smoky Glazed Ham with Red Pepper Jelly

#6 — Crispy Fresh Ham with Rum Sauce

#9 — Chile Brined Fresh Ham

#10 — Pomegranate Jalapeno Glazed Ham

I realize now I need a skosh more pasta to swallow all this savory ham. So I will add that too. But I have through the weekend.


Best Ham Recipes | Food & Wine