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There is a recipe on this page for goose liver pate — I am going to request this for my banquet menu along with some gravy in particular made extra. That should be on today or tomorrow’s page (the gravy, besides this).

I am putting this recipe up because it is my research for a large goose. Short story I can’t really explain well. Both myself and my mother were stymied by this just recently, since we haven’t done the Christmas Goose thing in too many years and when we have a Christmas bird, it’s an excessively large — like 24 pound turkey to seem like a goose. Researching the goose recipe, because, well the story goes on too long, I have to now — I can’t find a large goose recipe — this would be the order of a 24 pound bird at least answering to the name. You need to turn your oven into giant form for it and sit with the bird all day and clear the kitchen. You bet! But this is also sort of a dream menu. So I wanted to include it. Unfortunately, we’re Italians and apparently out of touch seriously with other Christmas Goose traditions, predominantly those these days which are English or Scandinavian or Asian and the large goose centerpiece in December has apparently gone out of style everywhere else but at home in Rome. I am out of touch, but I’m glad to say, so is my mother. This makes me feel a little better. Sadly, I don’t know how to serve a 10 pound goose to the centerpiece. There’s probably some way, but it’s too much work for me to learn. So I’m passing off the goose, for goose liver pate and also for a later kitchen question, how goose might become a greasy-spoon appetizer on the menu later. So: open to the goose issue; which I will say certainly amplifies to duck as well; so that, the centerpiece turkey will have it’s day with geese and duck specialities.

I’m not going to be more specific because I don’t see there’s really a point. The general direction of the suggestions can put anyone on their way to completion, but before the entire “banquet menu” story is over, I will surely put up a goose and duck recipe, each; out of which, I suppose these appetizers will be drawn.


How to Cook Wild Goose | Outdoor Life