Treebeards’ buttercake

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Last month at work, we got two days worth of lunch ordered by the Department.  When I first got the email that lunch will be ordered, I got suspicious.  What do they want from us that they ordered us lunch?  Ha ha… well, that is true.  This perk at work was taken away five years ago, when things started heading south.   Then all of a sudden, they ordered us lunch two days in a row.  Wouldn’t you be suspicious too if you were in my place?  Anyway, the second day lunch was ordered from a restaurant here in downtown.  It’s called Treebeards.  Treebeards is known for its red beans and rice, and it’s delicious, to die for, buttercake.  And no, it is not the Treebeard, one of the oldest three Ents from the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  Although now I am curious why the restaurant has…

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