Ricotta Cheese Cake

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This year, we were informed by our cousins that the theme for our Christmas gathering would be Italian. Facing up to the challenge, I scoured the internet and I stumbled upon Rossella’s blog, which contains everything Italian, from appetizers to desserts.

While everything looked really delicious, I had to think of logistics and presentation issues. Forgoing anything that needed to be served in an individual server or immediately out of the oven, etc., I settled on several Christmas recipes that interested me. One of them was the Ricotta Cheesecake.

Upon hearing my selection, Hubby suggested that I make the ricotta cheese myself. Hence, my previous post, the Homemade Ricotta Cheese. Rosella also provided a Youtube video, which I also watched several times, especially when Nonna was making the crust.

The ingredients were not too complicated. For the crust, milk, butter, egg, sugar, baking powder, and flour. For…

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