Pistachio Ricotta Cookies

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When I was looking at Rossella’s blog, I also found this recipe. Since I had leftover ricotta cheese, I decided to go ahead and make these Pistachio Ricotta Cookies. They were so good – although I am biased whenever it comes to pistachios. I love all nuts, but pistachios rank pretty high up on my list.

The ingredients were not too complicated. It contained all the ingredients for regular cookies: egg, butter, sugar, flour, salt, baking powder, and vanilla extract. The two things that made them special were the ricotta cheese and the pistachios. For icing, it just used powdered sugar and milk. For toppings, well, it used chopped pistachios.

ak_pistachio cookies 02

I employed my food processor to grind the nuts. Had I not had this food processor, I might have thought twice at wanting to make this recipe. If the grocery carried the pistachio meal, I probably would have bought…

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