Chocolate Trifle, an all time favorite.

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Last week at the office, one of the ex-accountants came over to our area to say hello to us.  Somehow or another, the conversation turned into a food conversation, and he mentioned about one of the desserts that I had made before.  After a few guesses, I found out it was the Chocolate Trifle he was talking about.  I had not made this dessert for several years, so he proceeded to ask me to make this dessert for his birthday!

I had a hard time saying no, I guess because of my Asian culture.  Most Asians will not come out and say no; I guess this has something to do with saving face?  I just need to learn how to say no.  Big N and a big O.  NO.

Anyway, in wishing that his birthday would not be in the near term (maybe six months down the road, or already…

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