Bucatini and Meatballs

So it’s that time of year, the squirrels are stealing patio furniture stuffing, to carry up the trees and it driving me absolutely crazy. I thought that ended there, but I noticed my basil plants look a little… manhandled and distressed. So that’s where I drew the line. So, although I’m trying and working on it. I have absolutely no green thumb. But I must pat myself on the back because its getting a little better. So this unprompted attack on my basil was a big blow and now personal. So I collected a good portion of the plant. I just want it outside as much as it can be before I have to bring everyone in before the real cold sets in.

With that being said I’ve been having to think of ways to utilize all this basil. Meatballs came to mind and I love meatballs, but I live…

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