🐟 The Habit Grill hack. 11/12/19

This might not fit in with my day’s reblogs today, but it was just too cool of a suggestion to avoid. I’m assuming she’s using tuna steak. You have to be rich or feel rich for the day you do this.


When it comes to sort of fast food, I like to eat at The Habit Burger Grill.  But I do not want to spend precious WW points eating a burger on a bun. That would be more than half of my total daily points! At The Habit you can get their burgers and sandwiches as a lettuce wrap. So I order the tuna filet sandwich as a lettuce wrap.

Tuna lettuce wrap

I am not satisfied with a piece of tuna in a bunch of lettuce, though. I bring along a toasted pita half, cut a pita-sized portion of the tuna and stuff it, some lettuce, and a slice of tomato into my pita. Now I have a nice hand-held sandwich to eat. WW points=4 for the tuna and its dressing (no teriyaki sauce, please) and WW points=2 for the pita, so a total of 6 WW points.

Tuna filet…

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