Pork Ragu with Fettuccine

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Pork Ragu with Fettuccine

So, a while ago I came across a recipe for a Wild Boar Ragu that I’ve been wanting to try…and I ALMOST did…but I chickened out! I looked online for wild boar meat and after reading up on it decided that although I would probably love it, I don’t think my boys would be willing to try it as it’s very gamey…so as an alternative I decided to use boneless pork shoulder in this ragu. After simmering for a few hours it became very tender and was delicious served over fettuccine…next time I visit Eataly in NYC I’m going to pick up some pappardelle and save it for when I make it again…This ragu deserves a nice thick noodle that can soak up all that scrumptious sauce…I told ya before – WE LOVE PASTA!  

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