Lebanese Chicken and Fried Onion Rice

Two & A Knife

I did my spice rotation today. Which isn’t a huge task I just bring stuff like dried chili powders, turmeric, cumin, I also bring my baking items down because this is the time that I bake most. While I was cleaning the cabinet and rotating I got a huge whiff of cumin. It brought back so many memories and I knew I had to make one of my absolutely favorite dishes. Now cumin used to be my least favorite spice until I learned to use it properly.

My first restaurant gig was actually behind the counter serving in a Lebanese restaurant. Of all the places I’ve worked, heck even some places I’ve been Head Chef at, this place had some of the best, most memorable, influential and inspiring food I’ve ever had. I still to this day can remember all the specials I had to write on the black board…

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