BLT Pasta Salad

What's for Dinner Moms?

We have been snowbound lately and I have been dreaming of warmer temperatures. So, my mind is turning to summer picnics and salads. To battle the winter doldrums we had an Indoor picnic (click for link to blog post) and pretending it is getting warmer rather than colder.

This salad is a blend of a BLT sandwich and pasta salad. Remember I told you take those flavors you love and turn them into something new! Sandwiches into salads, soups into casseroles, or main dishes into sandwiches. This one of those dishes!


The best part of this is that my kids were convinced they were going to not like it. They kept asking me pasta AND salad? Yes. Barbecue sauce AND ranch dressing? Yes. Both were very shocked at how much they love it! They both had seconds and there wasn’t a bite left at the end of dinner.

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