Bloody Mary Shrimp Cocktail

To die for! I know it’s cheeky to most people today, but if there is anything both classical and antiquated at the table for that I always fall for for a cinch, it’s shrimp cocktail (and all the fixins’ like herbed marshed partaters and other things like those) …. I know this is someone else’s post and I am reblogging it so I really shouldn’t say too many personal things on it, but this is so heavenly (the recipe), I just had to give it my two cent laudation.

I often take request, because ya know why not. With request I never know what to expect and surprisingly I got a lot of request for shrimp cocktail. When I was thinking of what to do with this dish. I thought about the fact that bloody marys and shrimp cocktail have hit a huge wave in recent years in popularity. Now, people have gone to great lengths to enhance and do these big elaborate things with a bloody mary .I’m sure you’ve seen the ones that come with a whole sandwich, po’boy or even a chicken slapped on top. Seriously, if you’ve haven’t, google them they are wild. But not much has changed with the shrimp cocktail. So I thought lets make a bloody mary sauce to dunk in since it seems to be the obvious choice. And if you look at the bloody mary and traditional cocktail sauce the…

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