Pear & Cranberry Tart

The New Vintage Kitchen

It’s Time to Think about Holiday Baking and the Flavors of Autumn and Thanksgiving!

Everyone in my family has their favorite pie, and we try to accommodate everything from pumpkin to strawberry rhubarb at the Holidays. I have all the ingredients for the latter from the local farm tucked away in the freezer! But we also have a couple of chocolate lovers (including me), and lemon meringue, apple, and even mincemeat requests. But I like to come up with something new each year for the dessert table, just to keep things interesting. You never know what will become a new family favorite.

I have the fruit, what should I make?

This year, with lovely pears in hand, and the first of the local cranberries, I decided on a tart that would include both, so I started my trial run with the recipe. My starting point was a little individual tartlet…

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